Unforgivable Commitments

“I calmed her fears, and she was calm,

And told her love with virgin pride;”

-Samuel Taylor Coleridge

There are so many bonds and relationships we humans have to commit to, there are so many commitments we have made and we are to make. And with every commitment comes our sense of responsibility and it ought to augment. Sadly, we are not equipped with skills to tackle all our commitments, well, it is even sadder when we aren’t capable of dealing with our most intimate commitments.

Rosamund Pike as Amy Dune in Gone Girl

It is not very often that you pick up a book, start reading it, enjoy it and shut it down with literally nothing to say. One such book which has left me in such a bizarre state is Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. The thriller begins with Nick Dune finding his wife, Amy Elliott Dune, missing on the morning of their fifth marriage anniversary. An investigation begins, search for Amy begins; but she is nowhere to be found. The policemen doubt Nick, close friends of Amy reveal that she was afraid of him, Amy’s memorandum unravels the status of her marital bond, alarming searches from Nick’s web history has left everyone baffled and there’s a number constantly flashing on Nick’s mobile phone.

Why and where has Amy disappeared?

Or is she dead?

What had been so faulty in their lives?

What is that Nick is hiding?

Is Amy ever going to return?

This book has been written in more than two styles and perspectives. The first perspective is Nick Dune’s and the second perspective is Amy’s, her diary entry which the policemen discover and the other? Well, it is for you to find out! Flynn’s writing is crisp and shaped neatly to leave the reader’s gaping and astonished. However, I was slightly taken aback when she went on to jade the novel with too much descriptions. Nonetheless, the way she presents her characters, good Lord, they are so ridiculously flawed that it will make you question your understanding of your fellow beings.   

Without further ado, rush to your nearest book store or place an order for this book if you haven’t read it yet. DO NOT participate in discussions where this book is being mentioned or watch the trailer of its film adaptation, just STAY AWAY.

“Whatever our struggles and triumphs, however we may suffer them, all too soon they bleed into a wash, just like watery ink on a paper.”

-Arthur Golden


Creation and its Creatures

“We do not start as dust. We do not end as dust. We make more than dust.”

-David Leviathan

None of the beings on this planet, be it a human or a plant or an animal are born the way we choose. We cannot make choices of our destiny if one unique destiny has chosen us. We cannot let our opportunity to live trail behind just because we realize that the opportunity was imperfect. All we can do is live and make the best out of it no matter what trains of absurdity we board or have boarded.

R.J. Palacio has magnificently brought into light the life of a ten year old boy, August Pullman, whose facial features are different from what we may imagine, in her book ‘Wonder’. Beautifully, she entails the story of August who is going to begin his middle school, after being home-schooled for years. Being masked from the stereotypical facial features, August’s life is surely not going to be a jolly ride.

Is August going to adjust in his life away from his primary inmates?

Is he at all going to attract friends to giggle with and talk to?

Will August realise the perfection cradling in his so-called imperfection?

Is August a wonder?

R.J. has surely done a wonderful job with the craftsmanship of this art. To begin with, it is exciting to hear the story right from August’s to the minor character’s point of view. Admittedly, the language is simple, sweet and it is highly recommended for all the age groups, both children and adults. There is so much to learn, so much to experience. There is so much of the world we haven’t discovered, there is so much of ourselves we haven’t looked into. There is so much to introspect, so much to think about. Give it a read, I am sure you will love it and realize how simple and important it is to live and let live.

“You’re gonna reach the sky

Fly … Beautiful Child”


Some important characters from the book.